The marketplace for time-critical truck consignments

For carriers

LKWnow is the quickest and easiest way to acquire top-quality orders for time-critical truck consignments. Simply register your free trucks and receive enquiries directly. Included free of charge: the easy-to-use tracking tool that gives you a clear overview of your orders and doesn't need complex connections to existing telematics systems. 


  • Reduce empty journeys and downtimes
  • Acquire lucrative freight-forwarding orders for time-critical truck consignments
  • Send tracking links to your customers

For shippers

LKWnow is the marketplace for finding fast, reliable freight-forwarding services for time-critical truck consignments. Saves you time and money, and relieves stress. We only broker directly available, reputable partners, and do so on a transparent, commission-free, real-time basis.

  • Your reliable partner for immediately available trucks
  • We work only with tested freight-forwarding partners
  • Make use of our free freight-tracking service

For time-critical truck consignments – LKWnow

If you want to ensure that your freight-forwarding activities remain cost-effective and transparent even during peak times, choose LKWnow – your marketplace for the reliable forwarding of time-critical truck consignments. Its user-friendly search function finds and displays available trucks instantly, and its real-time tracking lets you follow your trucks and freight at all times. And thanks to the LKWnow test, you can rest assured that your goods are in the hands of reliable logistics partners.

Real-time tracking

Free real-time tracking – for you and your customers

The LKWnow tracking tool and app make it easy for you to offer your available freight capacities. Track your fleet in real time without buying expensive additional hardware. You can send your customers the tracking links for your journeys right away. This also applies to existing customers and to standard journeys arranged outside of LKWnow. This gives you optimum control over your time-critical truck consignments, allowing you to get the best out of your fleet and team.

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LKWnow partners

Many logistics sector companies – ranging from the small and agile to the large and international – already work with LKWnow. You, too, can benefit from the service’s ability to quickly connect shippers with directly available carriers.

FIT Logistik GmbH Logo
Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg
“Reliability, price and time-saving are key criteria in our business. LKWnow has created a service that satisfies all three of these, and that significantly simplifies the process of planning freight forwarding.” Henning Schröder, Head of Purchasing and Logistics, LIDL Stiftung & Co. KG
“Thanks to LKWnow, we can now talk directly with the respective truck dispatchers. And the tracking links enable us to monitor our loads continuously, which is especially important where time-critical consignments are concerned. This saves us time and money”. Christian Debus-Heiden, Dispatcher, FIT Logistik- & Transportmanagement GmbH & Co. KG

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