More fairness in the freight-forwarding sector – from driver to shipper.

Cargo space shortages, a lack of drivers and poor utilisation of capacities often render shippers unable to meet their deadlines. We decided to do something about this state of affairs, and set up LKWnow.

Our team – consummate professionals with a wealth of experience

We’re not your run-of-the-mill start-up. We’re a team of highly experienced logistics specialists led by our founder and managing director, Alexander Grelck. Grelck is a renowned industry expert with decades of experience as a forwarding agent and transport manager for time-critical truck consignments, and has worked for numerous well-known shippers. 

Our eight-strong LKWnow team comprises logistics specialists, developers and marketing experts, all continuously striving to bring carriers and shippers together as freight-forwarding partners via the shortest possible route and employing the latest technology. So why not give LKWnow a test? We are deeply committed to delivering on our promises.

How it all began

We knew first-hand how exasperating is could be to find partners to forward time-critical loads in large trucks. Hours of searching for available cargo space, constantly finding trucks incorrectly registered as available, insufficient cargo safety and security, the risk of non-payment, non-compliance with applicable legal provisions...
Our mission: find a way of matching shippers under extreme time pressure with reliable carriers offering suitable cargo space.

Our solution

With LKWnow, we want to help shippers book loads with carriers as quickly, simply and directly as possible, by means of a digital, transparent, reliable system. Structured around a clearly defined set of rules, LKWnow is THE premium marketplace for shippers needing to transport time-critical loads. The process of placing and accepting orders occurs directly between the shippers and the carriers registered with LKWnow, all of whom are vetted LKWnow contracting partners. As soon as a load has been ordered, all respective parties can follow the transporting truck from the point of departure until the final cargo unloading. This is made possible by LKWnow’s free real-time tracking tool.
In a nutshell: LKWnow stands for the transparent, safe, fair and efficient forwarding of time-critical truck consignments.

A new approach to time-critical truck consignments

With cargo space on trucks becoming scarcer, it’s time to rethink freight brokering processes. We need greater transparency, faster access, fairer pricing models and, most of all, more security for shippers and carriers alike. In LKWnow, the market finally has a provider who can professionally broker time-critical truck consignments. We are committed to delivering on the following promises:

  • Only immediately available trucks can be offered via our portal.
  • LKWnow stands for fair, market-oriented freight pricing for truck loads that need placing at short notice
  • A seamless flow of information (GPS tracking and status reports) during the journey
  • Respectful treatment of all drivers at loading and unloading stations
  • Proper, responsible conduct at loading and unloading stations, plus compliance with the company regulations and security guidelines on the part of all drivers    

LKWnow is also at your side when things start to veer off course

Only in a perfect world do things always run smoothly. In the real world, occasional mishaps are par for the course.
So it’s a good thing that you have a reliable partner in LKWnow. If ever you encounter problems or violations, please contact us directly
either via the LKWnow hotline on +49-4193-7508010 or by email at [email protected]