Safety and security

LKWnow’s seamless transport tracking tool and verified partners ensure a high degree of transparency and security.


Security-specific tips

While we do all we can to make LKWnow as safe and secure as possible, we do recommend that you additionally follow these simple rules to minimize the risk both of cargo theft and of payment defaults when entering into new business relations. 

  • Always check your business partner's company data in the Company Profiles section of the platform.
  • When conveying information on cargo and freight-forwarding orders, only use the contact details provided in the respective company profile.
  • Always check the carrier’s uploaded documents (insurance, licence, etc.) as a precaution and, if necessary, have them sent to you again by other means for comparison purposes.

LKWnow rules of conduct

LKWnow insists that all its marketplace users adhere to its Terms of Use. These are designed to ensure that business partnerships remain fair and secure and to protect all participants from abuse or fraud. If problems nonetheless arise, please contact LKWnow by telephone on
+49-4193-7508010 or by email at [email protected].
If customers report violations of these rules of conduct, LKWnow will invariably record and check the corresponding incident, complaint or event. Should conflicts arise in relation to non-compliance with the rules of conduct, then LKWnow will endeavour to resolve these in the interests of all parties involved. Parties that violate the rules or behave inappropriately may be temporarily or permanently excluded from the freight brokering platform.